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Since 2006, Stark Marketing has been committed to providing intelligently built websites for our clients. Matthew established Stark Marketing because he saw the need for a web designer that would hold marketing fundamentals and principles in the highest regard to the standards of website design. Some examples are the psychology of color, the ‘flow’ of information, the conversion path, SWOT and even heat maps and conversion tracking.

At Stark Marketing, we know the importance of establishing and maintaining a solid brand and strategy. Our clients always enjoy a new website that best reflects the level of quality their business provides. In fact, clients are typically able to expand their strategy because of their improved online presence.

our competitive advantage

We have a proprietary formula for all marketing materials we produce. We also approach every project with results in mind. There is no better way to design a website but from the ground up and with the client’s brand in focus while considering the target market.

Headquartered in San Jose, CA, we have clients all over the United States.
Feel free to call for a free quote: (408) 425-5758.

Meet The Team


Matthew K. Stark


Matthew graduated in 2005 with his BSB in Marketing. Since January of 2006, he has been working with small businesses. He enjoys helping business owners grow. He also enjoys movies, golf, football, baseball, and spending time with friends and family.

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