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Factors That Ensure Successful SEO Strategy


Most SEO experts agree that content is king. If you are familiar with SEO on any level, I am sure you have heard this. There are many factors that ensure a successful SEO campaign and how you can make sure any SEO strategy is effective.


Keyword Research

Just to be clear, when SEO companies mention keywords, what they really mean is keywords (1-2 words) and/or keyphrases (3+ structured keywords). Researching keywords is an important factor to ensure successful SEO content strategy. It is also the most skipped step in the SEO process. Finding the right keywords that go well with your niche can be a difficult task. However, there are many tools that will help you find good keywords for your content. A solid list of keywords can be used to track an SEO campaign as well as the starting point for on-page optimization and for use in content and links.


Quality Of Content

It is important to balance keywords with readability. Use a keyword list in conjunction with right and simple language. Consider similar keywords for a more natural flow of sentences. For instance, if our website is all about tips on how to avoid melanoma, you can include phrases such as “how to prevent skin cancer” or “skin cancer prevention tips”.

If you want to entice people to bookmark your website, emphasize quality content. Quality content refers to contents like articles or press releases that are relevant to your site. It is also important to use the right keywords to make your website visible to search engine websites. When writing good content for your website, you need to bear in mind that you are writing because you want your audience to spend more time reading your pages. Moreover, you also want your visitors to find your website’s contents useful. Choose article titles wisely. A little research goes a long way in this regard. It is also a good idea to develop a list of possible article titles that can give a larger view of overall SEO direction, in relation to the SEO campaign.


Keyword Density

Now once you have determined the right keywords that you need to use in your content, what you need to do is to determine how much of it you need to incorporate in your article before your article starts to sound funny.

When it comes to the number of keywords to include in you need to include, you have to remember that you should use your keywords at least five times in the article. If it is difficult to determine the keyword count, you need to take note that the best keyword density is 2.5% if you want to achieve good results. But then again, many experts argue about keyword density. Most experts believe that you may use a lot of keywords in your article as long as the article does not sound incomprehensible.


Anchor Text

Each link on the internet has basic components. The first component is the HTML code that goes into a link. You can refer to the code as <a href> which refers to the link itself. each HTML tag has an open and close tag, so literally the code would have <a href>and</a>. After href goes =”http://something.something/something” which is the destination. between all this code is the actual clickable text, usually in blue or if it has been clicked, purple. This clickable text is called anchor text. Anchor text is the most valuable part of the link and tells search engines what to expect after clicking. Targeting keywords for SEO requires using keywords as anchor text.


Content Engagement

Content engagement refers to how your articles interact with the readers and vice versa. There is a way to measure the interaction of readers to your contents and this is achieved by looking at the click through rate. Aside from the click through rate, you can also determine if your site has good content management by looking at social gestures like shares, comments and likes. Make sure that articles have sharing buttons, where possible.



This is where the rubber meets the road. Each article must be distributed so that people can actually find it and interact with it. If the article is on a high quality blog, it needs to be also shared on social media. Another option is to submit the article to an article directory. Articles and Press Releases are somewhat interchangeable, except a Press Release would be distributed a little differently. Each article has at least one link that either goes to another site or to your money site.



Links connect the internet. Hence the reference to the internet as ‘the web’. Each link establishes connections, relationships, endorsements, etc. Articles are a type of link. Other examples are directories and forums. Each link gives you credibility, popularity or both. Links accumulate over time, as you work with an SEO company. Link building is the biggest part of any effective SEO strategy.

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